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Yale Law School Nondiscrimination Policy

Adopted March 17, 2020

Yale Law School is committed to a policy against discrimination in employment. An employer using the services of Yale Law School’s Career Development Office or hiring a Yale Law School student or graduate participating in any of the funding programs described below is required to abide by this policy with regard to its use of those services and programs. The policy prohibits discrimination in employment based upon age; handicap or disability; ethnic or national origin; race; color; religion; religious creed; sex and gender (including pregnancy discrimination and sexual harassment); marital, parental, or veteran status; sexual orientation; gender identity; and gender expression. Discrimination in employment refers to the use of these criteria in arranging or conducting interviews, in offering or continuing employment, and in establishing the terms and conditions of employment, including but not limited to salary scales, working conditions, types of work available, and promotion and retention policies. The prejudice of clients does not provide a basis on which an employer may engage in discrimination in employment prohibited by this policy.

The nondiscrimination policy applies to the Career Development Office services, Summer Public Interest Fellowship (SPIF) funding, post-graduate fellowships funded by the Law School, and the Career Options Assistance Program (COAP).

Diversity and Inclusion Efforts.
The nondiscrimination policy permits and the Law School encourages lawful diversity and inclusion efforts in employment.

Inapplicability to Religious Organizations with Respect to Discrimination Based on Religion and Religious Creed.
The elements of the nondiscrimination policy that prohibit discrimination on the basis of religion and religious creed do not apply to a religious organization, including a religious or religiously-affiliated educational institution, that certifies that it qualifies for a religious exemption under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. A religious organization may prefer employees of a particular religion within the meaning of Title VII.

Ministerial Exception.
The nondiscrimination policy does not apply to a religious organization’s employment of ministers.

Inapplicability to the U.S. Military.
Under threat of loss of funding to Yale University resulting from the Solomon Amendment, United States military employers are exempt from the nondiscrimination policy’s application to on-campus recruiting and job-posting services offered by the Career Development Office.

Inapplicability to Employers Prohibited by Law from Complying.
To the extent an employer is prohibited by law from complying with the nondiscrimination policy, the employer is exempt from the policy

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